Stout’s BackSaver Grip®



Significant Ergonomic Improvement in These Areas:





State and Municipal workers; school districts; maintenance yards; transportation and landscape departments; park and recreation departments; airports; zoos.  Military bases. 




Shovels, rakes, push brooms, tree trimmers, pitch forks, hoes


Concrete and Asphalt Construction/Repair


Lutes, kumalongs, asphalt rakes, shovels, cement spreaders, bull floats, spike rollers, squeegees, push brooms




Long-handled scoops and scoop shovels.  Overhead tools (including those for work on electrical/power/phone lines).  Push brooms, standard shovels.


Cleaning Industry


Mops, push brooms, window squeegees, power washers, vacuum cleaners.




Push brooms, paint extension poles, vacuums.  Long-handled tools for working on overhead electrical/power/telephone lines




Grain shovels, transfer shovels, dirt shovels, pitch forks




Shovels, snow shovels, rakes, tree trimmers, push brooms


Insurance Companies  Recommend this product to reduce client injuries/ claims