Stout’s BackSaver Grip®


Safety Objectives


n    Increasing work efficiency on jobs utilizing long-handled tools

n    Reducing work days lost to injury

n    Reducing Workman’s Comp claims

n    Assist Risk Management with a simple, versatile, inexpensive tool attachment

n    Provide a safety product insurance companies can recommend to business clients




BackSaver Benefits on Long-handled Tools:


n    Allows a tool to be gripped higher on the shaft  --  so the individual can work standing up straighter  --  avoiding the awkward bending that is a key source of back fatigue, pain and strain

n    Provides much better ergonomics.  Reduces working with the back bent over, which is an unnatural position and stressful for the back.  Allows the legs to take the burden off the back.  It is appropriate for maximum involvement of the legs in these types of tasks.

n    Perpendicular gripping position reduces strain on the wrist, arm and shoulder

n    Eliminates the frequent blistering between thumb and forefinger

n    For overhead tools, increases comfort, control and stability while reducing fatigue

n    BackSaver can be moved from one tool to another in two to three minutes

n    Carries a lifetime warranty:  will never break or wear out