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Stout's Back Saver Grip
Made in the U.S.A -- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fact Sheet

Product: Stout's BackSaver Grip®

Description: Patented, ergonomic attachment that makes it easier to work with all shovels, rakes and any other long-handled tool

How it Works: Allows a tool to be gripped higher on the shaft, eliminating the awkward bending that is the primary cause of back strain. Also, perpendicular gripping position reduces stress on the wrist, arm and shoulder

Benefits: Reduces back strain and injury; increases productivity; eliminates blister between the thumb and forefinger. Improves stability and control in working with overhead tools. Puts the fun back in gardening

Works on: Shovels, snow shovels, rakes, hoes, pitch forks, push brooms, mops,
lawn edgers, pool skimmers. Paint extension poles, tree trimmers. Heavy fishing poles, scoop nets and dip nets

Sug. Retail: $9.99 to $11.99 Website:

Where to Buy: Ace Hardware and Sears Hardware stores nationwide; hundreds of independent hardware and lawn and garden centers around the U.S. Or direct via the website.

Manufacturer: Backsaver Grip, LLC., Hartland, WI. 1-800-752-7874 Robert Franklin, President

Video: Three minute in-store demo video supplied free to each new retailer

Warranty: Two Year Warranty. Our Stout's BackSaver Grip is made in China.

Endorsements: Handyman Club of America; National Home Gardening Club; North
American Fishing Club; currently being tested as a worker safety device in 26 state departments of transportation, U.S Army Corps of Engineers, forestry services, fire stations, private industry, etc.

Inventor: Ron Stout, a diesel repairman in Anchorage Alaska. First invented for halibut fishing, then refined it to work on all long-handled tools.