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Stout's Back Saver Grip
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Stout’s BackSaver Grip™
Gains National Distribution

Anchorage, AK -- Stout’s BackSaver Grip™, a work-saving device that has grown to almost cult-like popularity in Alaska, has now entered national distribution. The patented ergonomic grip for long-handled tools is available from Mercantile Buyers Service of Milwaukee, WI and will begin to reach hardware stores and nurseries across the U.S. in fall, 2003.

The BackSaver™ is an elevated grip that clamps onto any long-handled tool to make working with the tool easier while reducing the strain and fatigue in an individual’s back and shoulders. It improves the performance of shovels, snow shovels, hoes, rakes, paint extension poles, tree trimmers and numerous other tools. It also adds ergonomic efficiency to using a heavy fishing pole, dip net or landing net.

Stout’s BackSaverGrip™ first appeared in retail stores in Alaska in 2000. Since then Home Depot, Wal-Mart, B&J Commercial and dozens of other retail stores there have repeatedly sold out of inventory. Sales have been strongest in spring and summer, but Alaskans have found productive use for the Grip in the fall leaf-raking season and for use on snow shovels during the state’s brutal winters.

“We’re extremely pleased to have MBS spearheading our drive into stores all across the U.S.,” said David Wilk, national sales manager. “They’ve been national hardware distributors for over 30 years and they really know the business. We’re very gratified that the minute they saw this product, they recognized what it would do for workers of all kinds and wanted to pass it along to their customers.”

Stout’s BackSaver Grip™ was designed and patented by Ron Stout, a diesel mechanic and an avid fisherman living in Anchorage. He first started tinkering on a device to make it easier to haul in the abundant salmon in the region, but soon realized this same concept would be beneficial on any long-handled tool. Friends tried it and liked it and soon word spread to Alaskan retailers. Stout had trouble keeping up with the demand.

More tinkering and several design changes evolved into the current Grip. It sells to retailers in full-color 24-piece case displays with each unit individually packaged.

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David Wilk