The Single Most Beneficial Ergonomic Tool

of Them All


            Stout’s BackSaver Grip® is a simple new product that accomplishes great things.  Here’s why we think it ranks at the top of beneficial ergonomic tools: 


Why:    It converts every long-handled tool a gardener already owns into a more efficient and more ergonomic implement.


How:    The BackSaver Grip allows a tool to be gripped higher on the shaft, so the user works standing up straighter, avoiding the awkward bending that is the primary cause of back strain.  It allows the legs to take the burden of gardening off the back and also provides a more comfortable working position for the wrist and arm.


What:  A detachable grip that fits any shovel, rake or other long-handled tool and moves easily from one tool to another.  It has a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA. 


Where:  Available at Ace Hardware, Do it Best, True Value, Fred Meyer, Meijers and hundreds of lawn and garden centers and independent hardware stores across the U.S.


Who:  This product is beneficial for anyone who works around the home or garden.  Especially aimed people approximately 35 to 65  --   who are old enough to enjoy gardening and understand the importance of ergonomics and taking care of one’s body (and know from experience what a back ache feels like).


When:  The Grip is beneficial all year-round.   Key tools for particular seasons include leaf rakes for fall, snow shovels for winter and any kind of shovel, rake, hoe, pitch fork, lawn edger or other long-handled tool for spring and summer.


Extra Benefit:  The BackSaver Grip also makes it easier to use overhead tools like tree trimmers and paint extension poles.  It provides a more comfortable gripping position and improves stability and control.   It eases stress on the forearm, wrist and shoulder.


Around the House:  Provides the same benefits for push brooms, mops, window squeegees, vacuum cleaner wands, power washers, deck scrubbing brushes, etc.


How muchStout’s BackSaver Grip® retails for $9.95.


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Contact:  David Wilk            805.649.5206