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Stout's Back Saver Grip
Made in the U.S.A -- Limited Lifetime Warranty

Where to Buy a Grip

Stout's BackSaver Grip is available in every state and throughout Europe and Canada. Following is a list of retailers who asked to be mentioned on our website. You can also find it in many assorted independent hardware stores, lawn and garden centers, and nurseries. Hopefully your local retailer will already have the Grip, or will know where to get it for you. Retailers can call 1-800-752-7874 to order it in stock for you.
Lee Valley Tools

Available on and in Lee Valley Tool stores throughout Canada

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Ace Hardware

Available throughout the U.S. at your neighborhood Ace Hardware store. If your local Ace does not have Stout's BackSaver Grip in stock, they can get it within a few days from their regional Ace warehouse. Just ask for it by name and give them the Ace RSC stock # -- 7198682 or 7138688.

Sears Hardware

Sears Hardware Stores throughout the U.S.

True Value Hardware

Available at some neighborhood True Value stores. If your local store doesn't have it yet, they can get it in a few days from their local True Value warehouse. Just ask for Stout's BackSaver Grip by name and give them the True Value stock # --719833

Amazon Amazon Online
Alaska B & J Commercial and WR Grace
Pennsylvania Walkers's Pro of Lock Haven

Builders Supply of So. Fulton, Holden Hdwe of Murfreesboro, Pro Hdwe of Morristown stores

For more information, call -- 1.800.752.7874